Saturday, January 17, 2015

Bath and Body Works

Perfumes, lotions, candles, and more! Bath and Body Works is my favorite store! Ha that rhymes! So, I'm kind of obsessed with Bath and Body works... I go there a lot... I love to go there and just smell the perfumes and candles and it's really hard not to buy something while I'm there. I always have to bring money when I go there! I have tons of bins and things over flowing of the things I bought there. Anyway, I thought I'd tell you my favorite scents from Bath and Body Works.
My favorite perfume scents are definitely beautiful day and Paris amour. Beautiful day has a nice citrus scent to it and it always adds a smile to my face when I put it on! Paris amour is a nice girly perfume and has a sweet smell to it. I always where it when I wear my Eiffel tower sweater!
By far, my favorite lotion from Bath and Body works is country chic. It has a nice floral and sweet scent to it. It almost has a lemon scent to it, but it's very light. I love country chic and I wear it everyday!
Hand Sanitizers:
Ok, I have an obsession with the hand sanitizers from Bath and Body Works. They smell so good! I can't help it! My favorite scents are Honolulu sun and warm vanilla sugar. Honolulu sun has a nice tropical scent. Sun screen, pineapple, the ocean. It smells SO good I wear it CONSTANTLY! Warm vanilla sugar has a very sweet smell obviously. It smells like a vanilla cake just out of the oven with lots of vanilla frosting on top. Delicious!
Ok, that's about it for now! I have many other different favs for shower gel, candles, etc. Buuuut, that would take a while since I have to smell them all and narrow it down to at least the top 3.

Stay Styled!

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