Friday, January 16, 2015

Sweater Weather

It's that time of year! Sweater weather! The winter seems to be dragging on... After Christmas, I want the summer to hurry up and come! I can where my favorite clothes again! But I do still have some favorite clothes for winter, too. One of my favorite outfits lately has been a cream infinity scarf, a teal sweater, black leggings, and brown combat boots. It looks so pretty! I've been wearing it the second I see it in my drawers clean! The best part about that outfit is that it's comfy while it's cute. The infinity scarf has lace flowers on it and solid material. I also have been wearing black jeans, a white tank top with a sparkly bow on it, and a peach lace sweater over it with my black Bailey Bow Uggs. The Uggs are so comfortable and the outfit is perfect for casual or fancy days. Add in some jewelry and you can wear it to a party!

Stay Styled!

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